Tapping Into Truth

At lunch earlier this week, my friend suggested – based on her experience – that I be truthful about my business actions. When I said I would remember to be honest, she reminded me to be “truthful.”

When I thought about it, there is a difference. If I was asked if I completed actions that I needed to do to move my business forward, honesty would be saying, “I intend to do them; they are on my list. But I did do X, Y, and Z.”

If I was truthful, the answer is simple: “No, I did not.” There’s no weaseling out in truthfulness. There’s no getting around what you know is true.

As parents, it’s helpful if we are truthful with ourselves about our children and our parenting. We should be especially truthful about who our children are, not who we want them to be, nor who they should be according to society or how we grew up, or who they will be in the future.

Just them, right now.

If you see your children for who they are now, you will better be able to see when they need help (they don’t act out because they are bad kids). You will create less stress in your family. And you can shift your experience as a parent to being more loving and less frustrating.

Tapping is an excellent way to identify where your beliefs and expectations don’t match your reality. It’s also excellent at taking away the charge you may feel about letting go of those expectations and any regret, resentment, anger or fear you may have around it.

And it’s never too late. Your child can be 30 and learning to see them for who they are can help create a better, closer relationship than you’ve ever had before.

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