Tapping is for Kids Too

My primary focus in this blog will  be about the benefits of tapping for moms. But tapping is excellent for kids too!

Just think of the difference it can make in a child’s life to remove the charge around an upsetting event right after it happens. There’s no need to carry the pain with them for years and years.

And tapping can help them with stress and anxiety — such as on test day or when they’re asking someone on a date or a beloved pet passes away.

Tapping can work its magic quickly with children. They don’t have years of other experiences reinforcing the negative emotions or beliefs they may have formed. They are not as invested as adults can be about holding because it feels normal or because they get something out of keeping their problem.

Tapping can also help them feel in control of their emotions and their decisions, helping them stay grounded within themselves as they navigate the tricky waters of growing up.

The Tapping Solution has a page with many videos on tapping with kids.

And if your child is willing to try it, you can schedule a tapping session with me either in person or on Zoom.

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