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About Lisa Nichols

Business Momentum Coach

Lisa absolutely adores getting things done!

She gets a thrill when she knows she has improved an experience, system, process, or communication.

Her heart sings when she brings people together with the information and resources they need.

She is also wild about helping business owners and professionals get things done in their businesses!

She starts with the tactical and the practical: next steps, best practices, and engaging resources. And then, she adds in the magical!

She helps business owners and professionals find out WHY they feel paralyzed, WHY they can’t move forward, WHY they’re holding themselves back, even sabotaging themselves.

Then she helps them get unstuck through coaching and EFT tapping — and once they’re unstuck, their confidence soars and their business shoots forward!

Lisa brings decades of experience in project management, business analysis, operations, communications, and management in corporate, small business, and nonprofit organizations to her coaching and EFT practice. She is the author of two bestselling books.