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About Lisa Nichols

Business Momentum Coach

Lisa absolutely adores getting things done!

She gets a thrill when she knows she has improved an experience, system, process, or communication.

Her heart sings when she brings people together with the information and resources they need.

She is also wild about helping business owners and professionals find out why they feel paralyzed around certain tasks.

She loves helping them see how they are holding themselves back, even sabotaging themselves, and then helping them get unstuck — and once unstuck, having their confidence soar and their business shoot forward!

Lisa brings decades of experience in communications, project management, business analysis, operations, and management in corporate, small business, and nonprofit organizations to her coaching and EFT practice. She is the author of two bestselling books.

What is EFT?

A magical tool for releasing limiting beliefs and emotional triggers

EFT involves tapping on acupressure points while focusing on a thought, symptom or event causing you challenges. This sends a powerful, message to the amygdala, the warning system of the body, to relax. Tapping reduces levels of stress hormones and balances the nervous system.

EFT sessions are quick, gentle and empowering. Get to the root of what is bothering you and holding you back. Replace outworn and unhealthy core patterns with new, healthy and creative ways of being.