R.R., Pleasant Hill, CA

I was very impressed with how powerful my session with Lisa was. I was struggling with an upsetting issue leading up to my appointment. I went in with no expectations but I left with a sense of contentment that has stayed with me throughout this past week.

The re-imprinting was very powerful for me. I was able to pinpoint moments of pain/confusion from my past and transform those into a sense of security and confidence. I now have the freedom to move on from those memories. I even had my therapist tell me this week I seemed “zen” for the first time since I started seeing her at the beginning of the summer.

S.P., Rio Vista, CA

I thought that tapping was for others – that I didn’t have significant issues to deal with. ┬áBut I found that the process took me into memories that have had negative impact on my sense of self-esteem. ┬áThis started a healing that I hadn’t known that I needed. Now I get it and have recommended it to others.

A.D., Pleasant Hill, CA

Thank you for the EFT session. It had a tremendous healing effect on me. I am still feeling the change in my emotional body. You have truly found your calling.

K.P., Walnut Creek, CA

It was my pleasure to have recently had two successful tapping sessions with Lisa Nichols. I was experiencing some physical issues that need resolving. Lisa showed compassion and empathy as she held my hand and taught me how to use tapping techniques to reduce pain. Lisa’s patience and integrity were refreshing. I felt assured that this was a safe environment to share intimate information. Lisa also provides follow-up calls to assure that progress is being made.

I highly recommend Lisa as a fantastic practitioner.

J.F., from Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed working with you and felt so comfortable and connected. You are very talented at what you do. I will absolutely save your contact info and be in touch if something else comes up that I would like to work on together. Again, thank you for a wonderful session, and for your guidance in me letting go of some things that I no longer need… and replacing them with some pretty amazing new things! I truly fall in love with Matrix work more and more every time!!! Thank you!!!