When you’re in the weeds, it’s hard to see your progress.

But I assure you, you’ve come a long way.

Look back to the beginning of this year. What’s here now that wasn’t here then?

  • Do you feel a smidgen more clarity? Or confidence?
  • What did you get done that you resisted at first (or for a long time)?
  • What are you no longer doing that was a drag?
  • When did you stand up for yourself in a way you would not have before?
  • When did you unexpectedly find ease? Fun? Humor? Joy?

Take that in and hold it in your heart for a second. Then breath deeply and smile.

What a blessing you are to your clients and customers.

What a blessing this journey called business ownership is.

What a blessing it is to have a new day to try again.

Thank you for being connected with me. ❤️